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Yoga classes


I'm a certified yoga teacher (200hr Hatha, 50hr Yin). 

I teach Hatha, Yin and Yin Yang yoga, and meditation. In my classes I aim to provide a space where students can get in touch with their humanness. My own vulnerability and authenticity are key to the connection with my students, teaching a constant drive for my own practice. I invite my students to explore: their own unique bodies, minds and inner landscapes. My teaching is focussed on cultivating a more loving relationship with all parts of our being, including (especially!) the messy, raw, dark and dirty pieces. I have found that's where the hidden beauty and power lies.  

Getting in touch with my body and breath have meant such deep healing for me. I can still be so amazed how such simple tools can give me so much power, clarity and enhances my (self)compassion. I'm eager to teach others about these always available resources and carriers of personal growth and wellbeing. I want to show my students that there is freedom beyond the thinking mind and the body is the gate to living a more authentic life. 

At the moment I teach Yin Yang yoga at University Sports Center Body & Mind in Amsterdam, every Monday and Tuesday 8.30 - 9.45 pm. If you want to join the 9-week Yin Yang course, check out the USC website.


The styles I teach

Hatha is the traditional form of yoga where mindful movements are combined with the breath. My Hatha classes are a combination of meditation, mindful flow (sun salutations) and standing postures. Hatha yoga is a beautiful way to balance our opposite energies and attain more softness and clarity. 

Yin Yang

Yin Yang is a combination of (you might have guessed) Yin and Yang postures. The yang is active movements guided by the breath to stretch and strengthen the muscles. The yin is the quiet, still part where postures are held for a few minutes and inner exploration can take place. 


Yin yoga is a meditative form of yoga, focussed on deep relaxation of the body and mind. Postures are held for 5 minutes, which allows a deep surrender and opening of the connective tissue, the ligaments and tendons. Yin yoga allows the space for self-inquiry. 




Meditation is a practice that is focussed on being present with your (physical, mental, emotional) experience in that present moment. This can be in an active form (dancing, shaking), still form (seated, standing, laying down) or a combination of both. 

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