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Fuel for activism ~ Creating Change without Burning Out

We want to change the world. We feel the urgency and see how things can be done better. We feel the fire and work hard to be part of the change we want to see. Often times this rebellious fire can make us feel depleted, frustrated or burned out. In this workshop you'll learn how to be a resilient rebel and to build a culture that is regenerative so structural change is possible. 

We need resilient rebels to create a brighter future! 

Did you know that activism can be fun, pleasurable and doens't require hard work? 

In this workshop you'll learn: 

~ That self love & care are the basis for every rebellion. 

~ The dynamics of rest and action, yin/yang being and doing. 

~ How to stay centered in an dynamic environment. 

~ How to build community support. 

~ The importance of boundaries.  

This workshop contains:

~ Sharing of experience on being a rebel in a burn-out society.

~ Theory on the working on the connection of body & mind in the realm of activism.

~ Embodied tools and mindfulness practices.

~ Exercises to practice feeling and stating your boundaries.  

This workshop is for activist organizations who want to provide their rebels with understanding and tools how to stay in touch with their inner fire. Please reach out if you want to book or know more! 


Rebel with a Cause​ ~ A Sense of Purpose

You feel some much is going on in the world or in your direct surroundings. You see things that can be better and want to be part of the change. 

This workshops helps you to connect to your souls purpose. What is it that drives you? 

Did you know that you carry your unique blue print within you? It's just a matter of tapping in? 

This workshop contains: 

~ Sharing experiences with other rebels. 

~ Visualization of your dream life. 

~ Practical excercises that help you bring your dream into space and time. 

~ How to manifest the resources your need to take the next step. 

This workshop will be given online and in real life. For upcoming dates sign up for my news letter or check my social media! 

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Contact me

Book a workshop

I offer workshops to activist groups and organizations who want to learn more about mindful activism.

Workshops can be tailor made. Please reach out to me so we can discuss your needs.

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