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We need to bring healing into this world.

We live in a moment in time that asks for radical change. Our foundations are being swept away underneath our feet. We need a different approach, to ourselves, our fellow humans and to our earth. 


We need people in their power. To stand up for what they believe in and bring their unique offer into the world.


Together with other courageous beings we’re gonna do things differently.


~ Instead of pushing, we’re gonna let go. 

~ Instead of moving faster, we’re gonna slow down. 

~ Instead of projecting, we’re gonna hold our own. 

~ Instead of knowing, we’re gonna embrace the unknown. 


All to restore the balance that has been so lost


Because with softness, we can open to our true inner power. 

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Do you struggle with putting yourself into the world?

Are you hard on yourself, do you often doubt and not feel ‘alive’?

Do you feel there is 'more' to you? But don't know where to start?


Would you like to: 

      Create a deeper connection with yourself and the earth

      Release and work with your inner fire 

      Unleash your creativity and explore your sensuality 

      Develop your vision and ground in your mission 

      Embody your inherent wildness 

      Discover the power of softness & slowing down


Then this program is for you.  

Radical means ‘from the root’. We’ll start with our connection to The Mother; the archetype of creation & connection to all living beings. From here on we’ll work with different archetypes that represent the femme, the yin power that for so long had to hide in the shadow. Here lies the root to recover the connection with yourself, your body, and the earth. This program is about embodying that beautiful, nurturing and powerful force.

You will: 

~ learn about the different ways the yin and yang are showing up in ourselves & the world

~ learn how your shadow plays a part in your life, and how to work with it
~ learn embodied ways to come home to yourself

~ learn how to transform energy into wisdom

~ learn ways to connect to your sensuality & your aliveness

Together we'll go on a journey to bring the medicine back home. 


 This program is about connection.

Connecting to the raw, the sensual, the magical. 

Because we need you. All of you.

What you’ll receive 

~ 6 live meetings with an intimate group of like-minded people

~ home practices to come back to yourself

~ in between session sheets with wisdom & exercises

~ an app group to share and connect in between sessions 


Session 1: April 3rd 2022

Session 2: April 17th 2022

Session 3: May 1st 2022

Session 4: May 15th 2022

Session 5: May 29th 2022

Session 6: June 5th 2022

Time: 2 - 4.30 pm
* except for session 5: 12am - 4.30 pm

Location: Palmstraat 34, Amsterdam

* the sessions are intended to be held in person.
The option to hold the sessions online will be held open, depending on the Covid situation. 


€650,- * payment in terms is possible


Early bird offer: 

€450,- when you sign up before March 17th

I've got one low income spot available. Send me an email to inquire.


Registration deadline: March 28th

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