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The Brave Space


in turbulent


A space for activists and change makers to ground,

connect, share and be

In these shifting times change making and resistance is more needed than ever. Being involved in activism or societal transformation can be intense. Balancing activism with work/family/relationship, reading the news, questioning authority and dealing with adversity. Taking care of yourself is no redundant luxury but essential to sustainable activism. Being held in community is more needed than ever. 

Because in a world that promotes doing, it takes courage to just be.

Because in a world that rather builds walls, breaking them down is courageous.

Because in a world that seeks isolation, building connection is resistance.


Let's celebrate our humanness together,

Heal, move and feel together,

Growing resilience.

This Brave Space is... about letting go, taking a breath and showing up just the way you are. To let the weight of the world fall off your shoulders.


The Brave Space is... for people who are engaged in social and/or environmental transformation and who are looking for a supportive environment to connect to themselves and others.


We will be... getting out of our head and into our bodies; move, breath, meditate, calming the nervous system down. There is space to share what is alive in you and be witnessed and held by supportive community.

This space is for you if: 

  • you feel challenged by the things happening in the world

  • you would like to talk about how things in the world are affecting you 

  • you are in need of community support

  • you need a supportive space to connect to yourself

  • you feel a lot of things (anger, frustration, sadness, numbness etc.) and you don’t know what to do with them

  • you could use tools/practices to get grounded and back to yourself

This space is for everyone who: 

  • is in some way engaged in social justice or climate activism

  • would like to connect with other like minded activists* and change makers

* I use the term activist as an umbrella term for everyone who is or wants to be engaged in societal transformation. Whether you consider yourself to be an activist or the time you spend in any type of activist work is of no importance. If you are committed to inner and outer work, then this is a space for you. 


Day + time: 

Every other Monday, 8 - 9.15 pm CET

Dates: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st of May

         and 7th of June 2021



Online, through Zoom 



Sliding scale €10,- to €17,50 per circle


You can sign up for the upcoming circle via the form below. Registration ends on Monday at 4pm. 

You'll receive an email with a link to the Zoom meeting and some additional information. 

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Sign up

Sign up by clicking the button below and filling in the form. I'll reserve you a spot and send you an email with more details. 

* This is a queer friendly and inclusive space. It’s explicitly anti-racist and meant for people who intent to unlearn internalized oppressive systems. If you can’t be on board with one of these things then this is not the space for you.

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