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Change Makers program

I believe the wellbeing of people and their connection to each other are vital for  change. That's why I help collectives who are on a mission to reduce burn-out and create an organization that centers the wellbeing of their people. So they can be the change they want to see.

you are part of

a company, non-profit, political party, activist organization or cultural institution with a mission

that is challenged with

... a high degree of burn-out or systematic overworking.

You are struggling with keeping people motivated and inspired, or creating a solid base of trusted people who take on responsibility.

You might be experiencing a lack of purpose and inspiration and feel like you need to have direction.

You feel like the questions of our time are asking for a different approach.

you would like to

... have a clear mission and align how you work as an organization with your mission and values. 

... create a community or workforce that is vital, resilient with people who are fully motivated and working from their creative power. 

... build a strong, inclusive community of people who are connected, engaged and willing to show up for the collective mission.

... build an organization that is regenerative in nature, so you can contribute to long lasting change. 


People who feel good in their bodies and connected to their purpose are more creative, innovative and resilient. 

I offer

Coaching and advice on organizational wellbeing and burn-out prevention. I support businesses in creating an organizational structure that is inclusive and regenerative in nature.

Depending on the question I offer a combination of an organization analysis,

coaching sessions (for individuals or groups) and burn-out prevention training. Together we'll discuss what is most suitable for your situation.

You can find more information about the burn-out prevention training here.

If you'd like to get more information or talk about the options please reach out.

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I'm a cultural sociologist and change maker at heart with a sense for social dynamics. Having worked in different businesses and organizations I known what motivates, connects and inspires people. I am able to find the soft spot in your organization and offer a perspective that helps you create change from the inside out. 

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