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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Jungian therapy

Each human has their own unique life path.
Jungian therapy helps you connect to the depths of your being, find more playfulness, creativity and makes you connect to your sense of purpose!

What is Jungian therapy?

Jungian therapy is based on the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung. It is focussed on making the unconscious parts of our psyche conscious. We grow up developing only a part of ourselves, due to family roles, societal conditioning or trauma. When we bring consciousness to these memories and emotions, we can heal and get access to this life force and make way to our unfulfilled potential. 

What makes it so powerful?

When working with our unconscious we can get to the root of what is holding us back in living more of our potential. We might touch upon trauma or painful things, but the therapy is also focussed on the light side. What is my life's story; my mission? Where will this lead me to? This makes it super valuable and the discovery a beautiful and even a fun ride!

Who is it for?

Any human being who wants find more depth, break patterns or heal old pain. Whether you are dealing with depression, burn-out or anything else that might be holding you from experiencing life more fully. Knowledge about Jung's work is not needed.
A curious attitude might help you on this journey though.

How does it work?

Together with me you'll go on journey into your inner world. There is no one size fits all, because every individual brings their own unique self. Experiencing is central to the therapy.
I work with the following methods:

Dream analysis

Dreams speaks the language of our unconscious mind. By working with dreams they can reveal inner truths and function as a guide on your path. They are a rich source of information and a gateway to depth, creativity, aliveness and healing. 

Body work

Our body holds the secrets and experiences of our unconscious mind. It can serve as a powerful guide through which blockages can be traced and healed. Embodied exercises are used to awaken en get to know hidden energies within, and activate our power.

Myths & stories

Myths and stories are the archetypical building blocks of our psyche. By working with them we can find recognition and engage with their archetypal energy within ourselves. Seeing how our own life becomes a story as well.

Creative expression

Our creative life force is the force of our psyche. Through creative expression you make the invisible visible. Engaging in creative practice can bring up a sense of flow and the analysis of creative forms a tool for bringing awareness to unconscious processes.


Sessions are 1 hour and through Zoom.

Fill in the form below so we can get on a free 30-minute introduction call.


Are you curious?

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