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Inner Activism

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A 6-week online group program

November 15th - December 20th 2020

We are at a shifting point in time; the world as we know it is starting to break down. Systems are under great pressure, we are in the midst of a global pandemic and our earth is crying. On the global and individual level we have a lot to deal with, and we are called to action to protect, resist and change the world we are living in.


This is, well, a lot... 

This course is meant to support you in these times of crisis, and help you to connect to your power and find your unique part in the change that is so needed.


In this 6-week course, we’ll get together in a supportive space where we will connect our inner world to outer action. The course will have 3 threads:


Through self-exploration we’ll get more clarity on our purpose;

How can you with your unique talents, skills and experiences contribute to a world you want to live in? What is it that holds you back, and what do you need in order to make concrete steps? 



How can you be part of change, without burning yourself out?

What ways are there to support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally when face with challenges? How can you create change in a sustainable way

for yourself and the world

around you?



Creating a supportive

community that interweaves personal growth with change making action. We can't change the world alone and we don't have to do it alone. Feeling connected to each other is a vital part of sustainable change, inner and outer!

What will we be doing? 

Each week we’ll gather in a Zoom meeting. I'll share my experience and knowledge about the above mentioned topics. We'll get into mindfulness and embodiment practices, self reflection exercises and share the steps and challenges in our own journeys. Each week I will give you (non-obligatory) exercises to do at home, and provide a platform where everyone in the group can reach out and share their experiences during and after the course.

You are... 

… an activist or change maker that is active in creating change, but you experience exhaustion, burn-out (symptoms), overwhelm or isolation and you are looking for a sustainable way to keep yourself healthy, happy and connected, while doing something good for this world.


… conscious being waking up to the reality of our world and you want to contribute to a positive change. You feel overwhelmed, don’t know what your place is in the process of change and want to connect with like-minded people to share experiences with.


This course is for rebellious spirits, (aspiring) activists, change makers and idealists, who are willing to take a look at themselves and make inner work a part of their activism.

* I especially encourage womxn, queer, non-binary and femme folks to join this course.

This program is for you if... 

  • You care deeply about what is happening in the world, but find it hard to engage with it without feeling overwhelmed. 

  • You value taking care of yourself but you have a hard time committing to a practice that supports you. 

  • Your life evolves around work, study or activism but you have a hard time finding balance and so you end up feeling ill or exhausted.  

  • You are looking at what's happening in the world and you want to contribute to change, but you don't know where to start. 

  • You know taking care of yourself is important, but often times you feel guilty of receiving care or pleasure when you know other people are suffering. 

  • You know where you want to go with your life, but old patterns and insecurities hold you back from making the first moves. 

This program contains...

  • A weekly 2-hour community meeting where you will get lectures, share your experiences and do mindfulness /embodied practices (oh and have some fun!)

  • Weekly ‘homework’ (non-obligatory) assignments to develop a personal practice, communication tools and self-reflection exercises

  • A guide of tips and practices to help you ground, heal and connect to yourself

  • A personal coaching call with Anna to get guidance on where you are at in that moment

  • A supportive community of likeminded folks and a way to connect during and after the program via Whatsapp or a Facebook group

What you'll gain from this program

After this course you will have:

  • A better understanding of your purpose and concrete steps to create change in your own unique way

  • Developed an embodied self-care practice that connects, nurtures and empowers you

  • Acquired tools and embodiment practices that help you be more resilient when things get tough

  • A better understanding of the importance of pleasure and self-care on activism

  • A community of likeminded people to support you in your inner and outer work


The total price of the program is €225,-.

It is possible to pay in terms, please inquire for the options. 

Program dates + registration

Dates online meetings:

  • November 15th   

  • November 22nd       

  • November 29th

The meetings will take place every week on Sunday from 12am-2pm Central European Time. 

You can register by sending me a message through the link below. Please note that registration ends November 10th. 

  • December 6th

  • December 13th

  • December 20th

Please send me an email if you have

any questions.

I'd love to connect! 

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