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Embodied healing for rebellious people who are ready to dive deep into themselves and into their mission.

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One of the reasons you could be here...

  • You would like to explore more of yourself, your power, your body and your sexuality. 

  • You want share your vision and skills with the world, but something is holding you back.

  • You struggle with setting boundaries, saying 'no' and giving yourself the rest and pleasure you deserve. 

  • You (have) experienced burn-out (symptoms) and would like to find more balance in your energy. 

  • You would like to get tools and practices that help you be more relaxed, get out of your head and into your body. 

  • You would like to learn how to rely more on your intuition and acces your inner wisdom. 

  • You can get easily overwhelmed and you would like to learn how to deal with these emotions in an honorable way. 

  • You would like to get more in touch with your creativity and self expression. 

Doing your inner work ís revolutionary.

We need to heal ourselves in order to heal the world. 

In my coaching I offer: 

  • A space to be, feel, be held and witnessed in your process. 

  • Guidance in getting clarity on where you are and where you want to go. 

  • A framework for healing and learning to love the different parts of yourself.

  • Guidance on creating a self-love and support practice. 

  • Tools to get back to presence and in right relationship with your body and mind. 

  • Accountability and support in making your vision take shape.

My coaching is meant to make you more free, relaxed and confident in your body.

I am an experienced facilitator, 200+ hour yoga teacher and Jungian psychologist in training. My work is trauma informed and interweaves mind - body - emotions - spirit.

I offer a combination of traditional yogic practices, modern mindfulness techniques and somatic practices, grounded in Jungian psychology. I am an intuitive coach, looking to meet you in the moment.

 I'm specialized in the embeddedness of the individual experience within the collective culture. This means seeing how personal healing is intertwined with structures of power and the collective healing story. Central to my coaching is connecting to purpose, power and making space for pleasure. I'm devoted to my own healing as much as the healing of others.

I'll share my fire, dedication and healing gifts with you.

Rest is resistance. Self love a practice.

Loving yourself is an act of kindness to the world.

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1 on 1 

At the heart of my coaching is...




We are no separate beings.

Our bodies, minds and souls are connected to everything and everyone around us. In order to flow and stand in our power, we need balance in our ecosystem. Just like in nature. In our sessions we'll focus on where you can bring more rest, joy and pleasure in your life, as well as the parts where you need a little spice and fire. I will help you to access you inner wisdom so you can move in the world with purpose and power.

In order to create sustainable change, we need simple, efficient practices to support us in our daily life. Healing is deeply intertwined with our daily habits. Together we'll find out what embodied and mindfulness tools work for you, to get you back into presence. Emphasizing that life, healing and growth are a cyclic, ever going process, we'll focus on creating a practice that is sustainable and supports you within the movement of daily reality. 

The body is the vessel through which we move through the world. It houses our history and our wisdom. It's the place where we feel and it's the gateway to our healing and pleasure. Movement, body awareness and somatic practices are a vital part of my coaching, giving way to deep healing and empowerment. Feeling good in your body and embodying joy and pleasure are key to creating sustainable change.

What's included?

1:1 coaching sessions 

Recorded practices

Together we'll create a costum made package fitting your needs and wishes. The sessions are a combination of checking what's alive in you at that moment, practical embodied/mindfulness exercises and mirroring. I hold a warm and loving space as much as I am there for reflection and accountability. After each session I will give you home practices so you can continue your work at home. 

During our time together I will share some of my best practices with you through audio and video recordings. These can be guided meditations, pleasure practices, breath work, movement exercises or emotional release tools. This way you will always have access to guidance whenever you need. This will support your personal healing and practice, also after our sessions are over. The practices are yours to keep.

Post session emails

After each session I will send you a detailed email with a recap of what we have touched upon in the session. They will include a description of the 'home work' and additional tools and practices. So you can always look them up. These emails will give you an overview and help you keep track of your progress. This healing work goes deep and beyond words, so having an account can help the integration. 

Are you curious, do you have questions or do you want to know more about what I'm doing? 

Please reach out! 

We'll get on an exploration call to see if we're a match and how I can serve you. 

Would love to hear from you!

Curious ?

* This call is free of charge and without any obligation.


"Anna has helped me create a daily spiritual practice and routine that taught me to breath, ground and go within. I am now much better able to be present and to consciously use my body as a guide to my truth.

My inner and outer activism are more aligned and have become more profound and true.

I am grateful."


climate activist at Extinction Rebellion

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