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"My inner world tells me where I need to go"

About me

I am a social justice and climate activist. I have a background in political science and cultural sociology and am a Jungian psychologist in training. The personal is political is a frase that fits me well. I've always been fascinated by the interrelatedness of the personal and the collective. What creates change? What makes people move? Those have been questions that have had my interest for a long time. 


I have found that justice work doesn't come without inner healing. As an activist I know the challenges that activists face, and as a healer I have learned ways to transform the blockages within ourselves. Taking care of ourselves, means taking care of the world. I wholeheartedly believe that the most radical act in this world is fully being yourself. 

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 "Activism can be fun, full of purpose and pleasure!"

My story

For a long time I felt the world was on my shoulders. I thought that trying hard enough would mean things would change. If I only would push a little bit harder than that would make the difference. This mind set made me crash and burn. I lost meaning, felt angry, exhausted and most of all shit about myself. A burn-out and depression made me unable to do anything at all, but turned out to be my greatest teachers.
I learned that I was the one that could breaks my inner chains. That if I wanted to liberate myself I would have listen to my own body and needs. I became dedicated to my own path of healing. This was the gateway to a more fulfilling life and how I stumbled upon my purpose. 

I now help activists and change makers connect to their inner life, their hearts and their bodies to make way to create change from the inside out. People come to me for guidance in leading a more authentic and free life, filled with purpose and pleasure. I would be honored to help you find your power so you can create the life full of meaning you desire.

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