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I wholeheartedly believe that healing ourselves means healing for the collective. Inner change resulting in outer action. In my1-on-1 coaching and therapy sessions we'll go on a journey within to find out where your strength lies and what is blocking you from really living your life according to your unique blue print. Developing self awareness as a powerful base from where to operate in the outside world in a constant becoming of your true self.

In order to create sustainable change, we need to be able to have a simple, efficient practice to support us in our daily life. I offer a view of life and healing that is inclusive of ALL things coming our way, seeing them as uniquely designed teachings for you in order to grow into the person you need to be. Together we'll find out what embodied / mindfulness tools will work for you, to get you back into presence and power.

Regenerative culture

We can't rebel alone.

We need a supportive culture within organizations, activist movements and society in order to create sustainable change. A culture based on people's needs, radical inclusion and equality, compassion, cooperation and self development.

I coach individuals, groups and organizations on how to develop a culture and organizational structure that is regenerative in nature and based on the wellbeing and power of the people.

I offer





Group coaching


Tailored programs for organisations & businesses





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