Mission coaching + burn-out prevention

We are the seeds of growth.

When we tend our inner world,

we become the change we want to see.

Hi, I'm Anna

I'm an mission coach, activist and cultural sociologist.

Connecting to my inner world has been revolutionary for me. It helped me find more joy, ease and stand up for the things that matter to me.

I am combining my inner skills to create an outside revolution. Because I belief we need healthy, resilient and happy people to change the world. I offer embodied coaching and inner guidance to people and organizations on a mission. So we can reduce burn-out and create sustainable change together!

I would love to support you on your mission.


love, Anna



Connect to your deepest desires: what is it that I want, need and how can I get there? Get to know your body and mind, and make you the center of your universe from where you can move the world!

Jungian therapy

A deep dive journey into the mystery of the soul. Jungian therapy is a way to connect to our lighter and darker parts, heal past experiences and connect to your soul mission. 


Coaching & advice

Move towards a culture that is regenerative, connected and resourceful, with motivated people working from their unique core. Reduce burn-out and work together in a caring environment for a common goal.

Burn out prevention training

Enhance personal power and group motivation so you can be supported in you mission. Learn how to get connected to yourself, your work and the people around you while having fun! 

 & organizations


In this 30-minute call we'll see if we're a match and how I can support you or your organization.
* This is a 30-minute call, free of charge and without any obligation

I look forward to hear from you!